Getting Testnet Tokens

Testnets are separate networks designed for learning, experimenting, and testing. The network parameters of testnets are the same as those in mainnets, except that the testnet gas tokens (ETH) are free and carry no real-world value.

Although testnet tokens are free, they must be minted within the protocol's rules. Many EVM protocols cannot simply distribute millions of testnet ETH to everyone, as they cannot mint them arbitrarily.

To get testnet tokens for using the LightLink Pegasus Testnet network:

  1. Go to the Pegasus Faucet.

  2. Paste your Testnet wallet address.

  3. Press the Claim ETH button.

Remember, you can claim 0.01 ETH once every 12 hours. With LightLink's low fees, this amount should be sufficient for most projects. If you require more for extensive tests or high-frequency dApps, please contact the LightLink team on Discord, and we will assist you.

To get Goerli testnet ETH to test Ethereum to LightLink bridging, use one of the following faucets:

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