Oracles and Random Number Generators


The API3 Market provides access to 200+ price feeds on LightLink Mainnet and Testnet. The price feeds operate as a native push oracle and can be activated instantly via the Market UI.

The price feeds are delivered by an aggregate of first-party oracles using signed data and support OEV recapture.

Unlike traditional data feeds, reading API3 price feeds enables dApps to auction off the right to update the price feeds to searcher bots which facilitates more efficient liquidation processes for users and LPs of DeFi money markets. The OEV recaptured is returned to the dApp.

Apart from data feeds, API3 also provides Quantum Random Number Generation on LightLink Mainnet and Testnet. QRNG is a free-to-use service that provides quantum randomness on-chain. It is powered by Airnode, the first-party oracle that is directly operated by the QRNG API providers. Read more about QRNG here.

Check out these guides on how to:

Pyth Network's Price Feeds

Pyth Network has launched 400+ price feeds on LightLink, powered by 95+ market participants including Cboe, Binance, OKX, and Bybit.

Entropy RNG by Pyth Network

Entropy, Pyth Network's on-chain random number generator, provides secure random numbers for use in NFT mints, raffles, games, and more.

Please note that the chainName values are lightlink-pegasus for our Testnet and lightlink-phoenix for Mainnet.

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