Ecosystem Growth Program

LightLink is kicking off its Ecosystem Growth Program to onboard more dApps and enterprises willing to provide their users with instant, gasless transactions.

The program is simple: refer Web3 games to LightLink and earn up to $10,000.

LightLink is an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain that lets dApps and enterprises offer users instant, gasless transactions.

  • Celestia underneath

  • Instant, gasless transactions

  • Partnered with Animoca Brands

  • Сommunity of 200,000+ members

  • 100,000+ daily transactions on Mainnet

LightLink is the first L2 leveraging Optimum architecture with its proprietary stack, which separates the consensus, execution, and data availability layers. This enables it to reach 10,000+ TPS at under $0.01, without gas spikes.

Why Bolt

Bolt is LightLink's gasless NFT minting plugin for games, rewards, loyalty cards, and more projects wanting to store data on-chain.

  • One-line code integration: add a single line of code to integrate NFTs into your app.

  • Instant minting: mint 1,400 NFTs per second with a 0.5s block time.

  • Gasless minting: mint NFTs at no cost for you and your users. No tokens required.

Bolt operates by combining AWS Lambda and SQS for seamless serverless function processing,

Rewards and Eligibility Criteria

$500 for an introduction to an eligible Web3 game

  • Web3 game

  • 10,000 transactions per day

  • Keen on integrating with Bolt & co-marketing on social media

Up to $10,000 for an integration

  • Web3 game

  • At least 10,000 transactions per day in months via Bolt

  • Integrated with Bolt and announced it on social media

Tier 1: $10,000 Tier 2: $5,000 Tier -3: $2,500

100,000 transactions on average per day in 3 months via Bolt

50,000 transactions on average per day in 3 months via Bolt

10,000 transactions on average per day in 3 months via Bolt

  1. Fill out our partner form (it takes 30 seconds).

  2. Chat about leads with our Growth Lead on Telegram: @likhuta.

  3. Once confirmed by us, create a group with the lead on Telegram and ask them to fill out the form on Bolt’s website.

Who Can Join

Anyone can join! It should be easier for Web3 BDs with a few years of experience to refer eligible Web3 games to LightLink though.


DM @likhuta on Telegram if you have any questions.

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