Developer AI Support


assisterr is an AI chatbot platform, specifically crafted for Web3 devs, designed to accelerate onboarding and simplify development.
assisterr is trained on a wide range of LightLink and Ethereum tech documentation to create an extensive knowledge base about a project and its technology. Users simply input a prompt, similar to ChatGPT, and receive clear, human-readable response or instructions.
Examples of questions that assisterr can help with:
  • How to set up a Solidity environment
  • How to use specific functions
  • How to test and deploy your project
  • How to enable Enterprise Mode on LightLink
Ask assisterr in the 'developers-ask-ai' channel on our Discord:
  • Type "/" followed by "Ask," and then write your question.
  • assisterr will provide an answer and link to external resources if possible.
  • If it wasn't helpful, developers can create ask their questions in the 'developers' channel.