Block Explorers

LightLink has three general blockchain explorers for different tasks.

Blockscout Block Explorer

The LightLink team has implemented the well-known Blockscout Explorer for both users and developers.

For developers, Blockscout provides assistance in:

  • Receiving detailed information about transactions and accounts, including general actions, state updates, transaction logs, balances, counters, etc.

  • Viewing detailed information about smart contracts, checking the code, and manually calling them.

  • Accessing data about blocks and the gas spent, which is essential for calculating expenses in Enterprise Mode.

Blockscout is available for both Phoenix (Mainnet) and Pegasus (Testnet) networks. LightLink’s explorer also allows developers to utilize a free API for reading on-chain data.

LiteFlow NFT Explorer

NFT marketplaces and web3 wallets may not be compatible with every NFT issued, as some projects use customized ERC-721 contracts or display only NFTs minted by their own smart contracts.

LiteFlow’s native NFT explorer enables users and developers to browse through all minted NFTs, including standalone mints, collections minted within a project, and pieces collected by specific users.

Additionally, LiteFlow provides access to trading data on LightLink's marketplaces, allowing for bidding on NFTs and sorting them by price and selling conditions.

Collections are required to be added to the explorer, if you wish to add a collection please contact the team via Discord.

Zonic NFT Explorer

Zonic is a distinct NFT explorer for L2 networks. Its uniqueness lies in the ability to view even utility tokens, such as Elektrik DEX LP positions, in NFT form.

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