Low Gas Fees

Currently, there are no L1 & L2 blockchains that provide only gasless transactions for users. Firstly, fees act as a basic spam filter. Secondly, L2s must collect fees to pay for L1 contract updates. However, developers can offer their users zero-gas fees by utilizing our Enterprise Mode (refer to the LightLink Enterprise Mode section below for more details).

In terms of throughput, Ethereum can process 12-15 transactions per second, while LightLink processes up to 5000 transactions per second. This higher throughput ensures LightLink never experiences congestion. There's no need to pay extra for a transaction to be included in the current block, making the fees 100 times cheaper. The current fee is approximately $0.01 per transaction.

For developers not using our Enterprise Mode, the low gas costs mean it's easier to attract new users. They will be more inclined to try each dApp, as it would cost them only a few cents in fees. We want our developers to focus on building great dApps and attracting users, rather than spending time optimizing gas costs.

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