What is LightLink?

LightLink is an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain that lets dApps and enterprises offer users instant, gasless transactions.

Since 2017, we've been developing blockchain solutions for major enterprises in the APAC region. Recognizing the need for broader interoperability, we shifted our focus to building an optimistic rollup on our proprietary stack, aiming to bridge dApps with millions of users from our enterprise partners and foster an interconnected economy.

'tx.gasPrice = 0': LightLink's novel Enterprise Mode provides a predictable, fixed-fee subscription model for managing gas fees that enables users to experience instant, high-throughput transactions at no cost. It makes sophisticated DeFi and high-computation dApps like SocialFi and GameFi possible, and enables your users make gasless transactions from their Metamask wallet without requiring any tokens.

With LightLink in its early stages, we offer developers a less saturated liquidity space and the unique opportunity to scale dApps in a zero gas fee environment, while maintaining connectivity with the vast Ethereum ecosystem for broader reach and integration.


LightLink's mission is to seamlessly integrate millions into the digital economy through user-focused dApps and enterprise partnerships, making blockchain as intuitive and accessible as Web2, without the complexity of gas fees and protocols.

We anticipate that most users are unfamiliar with the mechanics of gas fees or the cost of 1 gwei in USD, just as they don’t concern themselves with TCP or IPv4/IPv6 protocols while using Web2. Our goal is to offer them all the on-chain benefits, such as permissionless access and a digital economy, without the blockchain complexities that early enthusiasts have become familiar with.

Tech Stack and EVM Equivalence

LightLink is a fully EVM-equivalent chain with Celestia underneath. Our proprietary stack and industry-leading infrastructure offer full on-chain advantages, allowing users to experience blockchain's network effects without the technical complexity.

LightLink isn't a fork. Instead, it is built on a proprietary stack and utilizes Ethereum Optimistic Rollups along with a battle-tested Geth (go-ethereum) client.

Solidity is the most popular smart contract programming language in the world. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so we are utilizing it and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

LightLink employs the Geth (go-ethereum) codebase to achieve full compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Developers can write their smart contracts in Visual Studio Code, test them with standard toolchains like Ganache, deploy them using Hardhat, and interact with LightLink using other familiar tools.

It all allows developers to migrate and scale their dApps on LightLink without the need to rewrite their code.

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